What was I waiting for?? An eco-haircut.
So much easier – just wash and rinse, no need to spend time under the dryer, saves water and electricity too.
I was just over at Charles’ blog, and he mentioned reading a book that I read not long ago, and he loved it. I liked it too, and I actually bought the first three of the series because I loved the sample chapter I read, and the books sounded great. Well, they are very well written, and as Charles says, they have terrific atmosphere. The mysteries are well thought out, the research and history is solid and shows – but I have to admit – I hate one of the characters in the book So much that it just ruins the whole thing for me. The hero’s girlfriend is so dreadful (to me – this is just my opinion, lol) that I can’t read the books. The characer ruined the story for me.
This is the third time this has happened to me – the first time was Sookie Sackhouse, who I ended up loathing, (poor thing – even though I thought books 1 & 2 were fun, by book 3 I was ready to strangle the heroine…). The second time was the Outlander series, and the character of Brianna set my teeth on edge. In the end, I simply skipped over the chapters where she appeared. Has this ever happened to you? Let me know – I am starting to feel a bit silly letting one character ruin an entire book!