I wanted to show my daughter the world of racing – it’s so different from the polo and jumping worlds, but as one breeder said to me when I mentioned this, “they all stink of manure”. I think I have a crush on that guy, lol. As we walked in the gate, I saw a friend I hadn’t seen in ages – at least 15 years, and so we had to catch up. He’s a trainer, and he was nice enough to take my daughter and I on his search for the perfect yearling. I don’t know if he found one – his catalogue was dog-eared from being studied so much, but he was awfully hard to please. All the horses looked gorgeus to me! We stopped in to see another friend I hadn’t seen in a long, long time – she’s a breeder and handles one of the top stud farms in France. I love the racing world, but it is very rarified. In polo, you really get close to the ponies, they’re more rustic and very well trained, but racing seems to put the horse on a pedestal where only a very people can get close to them. Everyone in racing is so chic, where in polo, everyone is kind of cowboy and casual.

At the yearling sales in DeauvilleThis filly was my favorite – I thought she was stunning. She hasn’t grown up yet, look at the difference between her front and back end, lol. But what a fabulous walk – she just stepped out and swung about like a dancer.

My daughter getting a lesson in how to look at a yearling from one of the best!

She made her choice – a chestnut with an impeccable pedegree. Now to play the lottery…