I don’t know what I like most about racing. Is it the glorious colors of flowers and racing silks? The horses, so sleek and prancing? I know it’s not betting – I’m a dismal better and always seem to pick the horse that comes in last (that must be almost as hard as picking the one that comes in first!) or seeing my racing friends (such a different world than polo!) – whatever the reason, I always have a good time at the races. I took my daughter to Clairfontaine to see my friend Marie (one of the vets there) and she took us backstage to the stables to see the horses, much to my horse-mad daughter’s delight. I took lots of pics of her, but there are none of me – I was wearing my ‘poofy hat’ as my daughter calls it, it was so hot I dragged it out of my purse and wore it. My daughter says it makes me look like a character from the Little House on the Prairie. I hope the horses didn’t think I looked too ridiculous.
Tomorrow I’ll post some photos of the day we spent at the yearling sales, and then I’ll post some polo pics.