My daughter (14 almost 15) is writing a book (actually she finished it but it was one of those everythingbutthekitchensink books, so she’s rewriting the whole thing… Are virgos always like that? A tiny bit of criticsm and she takes the whole thing apart and starts over. Well, at least she didn’t give up!)
And she started an illustrated fantasy manga including a talking horse with an attitude, a heroine who’s good with knives, and something to do with troops and recruiters that is keeping me in suspense (I get to read it every night as she finishes a chapter. What will happen next??)
One thing had my eyebrows shooting off the top of my head – elf women in hotpants to attract the eyes of recruiters. LOL
I told her to go back to fantasy and leave real-life ouf of the story. šŸ˜€