Can one have too many blogs? I meant this one to be a connection (tri-via) between my Sam blog, my photo blog, and my writing blog…and then I found Facebook…
I think I’ll keep my Sam blog and photo blog (one for photo archives, and the Sam blog for photos and for announcements for my Sam books.
Perhaps I can keep this as a writing diary – I already have a ‘what I’m working on’ ^post – maybe I can keep up with ‘what I’m working on and what is happening with my writing’ and see what happens.
If you want to see photos of France go here.
And here is a site with archived photos.

So what am I working on now?
Still finishing up The Road to Eternity.
Sent ‘The Promise’ pitch (YA post -appocalypse story) to the BBC for possible movie – TV series.
Zombie series being looked at by Vanessa over at the Lori Perkins agency (always read industry blogs, folks. Lori mentioned she was looking for kick-ass heroines and vampire/zombie tales, and I just happened to have one!)
Starting book III in abovementioned Zombie series and so far having a great time with it – although the zombies are being taken over by werewolves, waitresses and witches…it starts out at a vamp-addict anonymous meeting. I’m loving every minute of writing it, and wish I had more time to work on it, but would you believe, I have to work?