I have no idea – to tell the truth, I’m not really a believer in anything. I’m the original doubting Thomas. But I have a couple friends who are convinced they lived other lives, and I suppose it’s a possibility. The thing that stumps me is the logistics – if everyone is reincarnated, how come there are so many new people being born, unless you can start just anywhere, or maybe very good ants come back as humans?
Because there were only a few humans in the beginning – and if they kept recycling themselves coming back again and again, and then others are born – – is there a hierarchy among the reincarntated, I wonder? Is there a king and queen (sort of the Adam and Eve of us all) who are the eldest? And newbies – how are they treated in the reincrnated world – poor naked souls with no past lives; how sad. And if we are reincarnated, how can we retrieve our memories? Is there a sort of waiting – sorting room ‘up there’ where you pause before getting shipped off into a new life – and when, exactly, does ‘life’ start (how annoying to get shipped off and be scraped off as an abortion – Zap – right back to the back of the line…) And can you apply for a good family? If you think about it, (and you’re sitting in a house sipping coffee and staring at your computer screen) you have to realize you’re incredibly lucky. You could have been assigned to be baby 122589633258AHJ-female – born in Zaire to a HIV positive woman. Yes, if reincarnation exists, we hit the jackpot this time around. What about next time? Does being a good person influence who you are next time? (If that’s true, Bush’s next life will be as queen of the Naked Mole Rats.)
Have I been good enough to deserve being born as a caucasian female in a civilized society in my next life? I have No idea – but the idea of a big waiting line in the sky and a hierarchy among reincarnates is intriguing. An idea for a book, maybe?