Why does everything have to cost money? (to echo my son when he was 4…)You might know I put two boys in Kenya through secondary school. It was through a charity run by a missionary group in Canada – I know one of the missionaries. (she writes erotic romance at the same publishing company I do…) anyhow, both boys graduated – but one wants to go to the university and can’t afford it.
We’re trying to talk him into finding a training program. The other boy went into a computer program that was very cheap (well, it was just a six month program). But Justus wants to go to the university. He applied and was accepted, and then passed a test for a grant – and won about 2000 towards his education. But universities in Kenya are expensive, and its 4000$ a year, and he can’t afford it. And neither can I, unfortunately. Secondary school for both boys only came to about 1000$ a year – and I used my royalties to pay that (so all those who have bought my books – imagine that you have contibuted to 2 fine young men being able to go to school and graduate – something they never thought would be possible. Thank you!)
I was going to makle a plea for donations, but I can’t think how to work out the logistics. It’s a four year universuty, and I’d want to make sure he would be able to go all four years.
I think the best thing would be that he finds a good training program and sets his sites a bit lower – we’ve all had to do that. Maybe he’ll be able to get in next year – maybe I’ll have a best seller by then!
Well, it’s time for me to drive my number two son to the train station – he’s got exams right now in his university. (In France, the universities are free – there is only a small fee for insurance (250$ covers all their health insurance) and a fee for the university (roughly 400$ a year). I’m sorry everyone living everywhere else, but that’s what I call a civilized country. If education isn’t free – you might as well live in a third world country.