The manufacturer wrote back after I sent the photo – the bottle dates from the 1860’s.
So it’s pretty old after all – older than I thought even. (I was guessing 1930’s).
It’s as old as the ring I found at the flea market (1850 – date engraved in the ring) and as old as my car…(just kidding). My car is awfully old and falling apart. Lately it’s started backfiring. The first time it happened my daughter panicked. I just told her the car was getting old and starting to fart. I’m hoping it will last one more year (I say that Every year).
What other appliances and things do I want to see lasting the year?
My computer. (please please please last one more year – at least – you’re 6 now, that’s young – you can do it!)
My refrigerator. (Yes, I know you are second hand. Yes, I know you make funny noises and suddenly get either way too hot or too cold – but I need you. Honest. You’re my widdle wefwigerator *gives it a pat* Hang in there!)
My lawn mower. (It’s already broken – parts of it keep falling off. But it mows – keep mowing!)
My keyboard. (I keep swearing at it and swearing I’ll get a new one, but all the buttons still work, so I guess it’s a keeper. For now.)
My vacuum cleaner. (I’m not really worried about it breaking, I’m worried that the filter will get so absolutely full of dust it will break, and the model is so old I won’t be able to get a new filter. Filter, keep breathing!!)
My jeans. (You still fit, even if the zipper is wonky. Who cares? You don’t have any holes. Keep it that way.)
My blender. (I got it for a wedding present. I have lost all the extra ‘whistle and bell’ accessories. But the basic blender is still there – still intact, and still working even though the speed can’t be adjusted anymore (it’s full speed or nothing) – it still chops, blends, mixes and makes soup. What more do I need?)
My dishwasher. (I fixed you three times. The repairman said there won’t be a next time – you’re old, everything is working through sheer stubborness and a refusal to break that I admire, even though your electronic panel is shot and I can’t tell what cycle you’re in – and you only have one cycle that works anyhow – I still think you’re terrific and could you please last another year?)

What appliances are you praying will last out the year?