Cold Play is pretty hot. Love their songs. Also been listening to a bunch of Beatles things. I have a lot of work and it’s nice to be able to listen to music while typing away.
I won an MP3 player at a party the other day. (Birthday party – family loves to organize ‘games’ – so there was pitching (golf), tennis, skeet shooting, archery and guess what – I won it at archery. I am not really good, but most of the other gals didn’t want to do archery – so I gave up my tennis place for an archery shot, and won an MP3 player, which I gave to my daughter. She has good taste in music, so I took it back and use it while she’s in school.
I was over at Kate R’s blog and saw she had the rejection blues. Sending over some cyber hugs and tea and stuff. I hate rejections. She said silence was worse – she’s right, actually. I’m waiting to hear from 3 subs and it’s like they fell into some big, black hole. Silence.
Well, what I’ll do is this:
Turn up the volume for the MP3 player.
Keep writing. I started another book.
I must be insane.