Since I’ve been doing nothing but working lately, there is not much to report.
I did take a break because it suddenly got hot and sunny this afternoon. I went to the golf club with my daughter to hit some practive balls.
Otherwise, translation, work, more work, drawing, scanning, touch-up, and I still have another drawing to do tonight due tomorrow (what am I doing on my blog??)
The boys are back in school – the longest academic strike in France’s history has ended – well, mostly ended. There are still some classes missing and exams will be held later than usual.
I’ve been reading about the British MP’s scandal – the bad ones make the good ones look really good, and the good ones ought to step up and say something, make a speech or something.
And I wish my son would quit interupting me asking ‘what is for dinner?’ I have no idea – I put some sweet potatos in the over and there is homemade spaghetti sauce on the stove – but I havn’t gotten beyond that. The sauce was meant to be frozen for later – but maybe we’ll have it tonight?
What was I talking about?
Reading newspapers (any newspaper, but today the Guardian, to be precise) usually depresses me, but it cheered me up no end to read a huge article about the first 2 years of our not-so-beloved president Sarkozy, and see him raked over the proverbial coals for two years of dreadful politics. About time. President Bling-bling is now President Barracade. Ha. He has a 32% approval rating. My husband is part of the 32%. I am now in the majority, however.
About time.