Look people, just get over it. Vaccinations don’t cause autism. Cell phones don’t cause brain cancer. Phthalates pose no health threat to children. Read this and learn something.


One thing I’ve learned in my job is that the lunatic fringe is loud and dangerous. And speaking of the lunatic fringe, news has it that the cancer panel set up by President Obama to research possible links between cancer and ionizing and non-ionizing radiation has asked UK’s activist Eileen O’Connor for her views on the issue. Now, Eileen O’Conner is an activist and member of an interest group which, for the past few years, has battled against the deployment of cell phone towers in the UK and Ireland.
Listen, if you want to go back to the middle ages, fine, Ms. O’Conner – but leave the rest of us alone. And her giving views on cancer (she’s not a scientist and she apparently ignores all the research done on EMF’s) is like that blithering idiot Jenny McCarthy being asked to express her (scientific, right?) views on vaccinations.

And now I attack the world financial system.
My suggestion? Well, if I were in charge, countries known for being tax havens would be scrambling to dump all their illegal assets and join the real world. It’s no fun bombing third-world countries to dust – and there’s no profit in it. However, geting Switerland or Monacco to cough up the billions they owe in taxes would be Fun. I think we’re long overdo for a revolution.