It’s snowing today – there are 3 inches of snow on the ground, and traffic has pretty much ground to a halt in this area. I tried to take my son Seb to the train station, but at the top of the hill a truck had slid across the road and blocked it, so I went back. My husband had to go to Paris, so he left early and took Seb. It’s mid-term exams, and Seb had to get to the university for his first exam. I am wondering if he shuold stay in Paris tonight if he has more tomorrow – the forecast is for more snow.

Since it rarely snows here, the back roads don’t get salted. Everything is quite slippery. I had to go shopping and drove Very Slowly, and only saw about three other cars on the road – everyone going Very Slowly.
Our village streets are salted, which is good, as we live on a steep hill. If the snow gets too deep, there is no way in or out. As I write this, the snow has stopped, which is probably for the best. Three inches of snow is about all we can handle. But in the Alps it’s a different story. Here are pictures of number two son on his Christmas vacation trip! (Lucky guy!)