Rusty sliding down the hill on her belly.

My village in the snow.
What’s up here:
The garden is trimmed, the brush cleared away (I helped drag branches around this morning) the snow is melting (it never stays long here) and the washing machine is fixed and chugging along happily washing dirty clothes. The mountain is now a mole-hill.

I have a new oven. I made chocolate chip cookies to celebrate. I ate far too much cookie dough. (Why does the raw dough taste better than the cooked cookies?)

There is still lots of ice on the ground, so people are putting woollen socks OVER their shoes and walking around – the wool sticks to the ice. It’s a good idea, but the socks are probably destroyed.

The dogs love the snow, and Rusty slides like an otter on her belly whenever there is a hill. Auguste always looks like he’s cold, and he walks around with his favorite toy (an empty water bottle). He did find a way to escape this morning, and the neighbor’s boy brought him back.

This evening we’re going to a friend’s house for dinner. (Very small New Year’s Eve party) But since I’m still sort of sniffling and flu-ish, I don’t think we’ll be out very late!

Have a happy New Year Everyone!