I don’t think people can build things anymore. My oven door broke, and the ‘thing-ma-gig’ that broke is not under guarantee. If, when the thing-ma-gig broke, I’d let the door fall off instead of catching it, and the glass broke THAT would have been insured. As it was, the little joint that held the door broke, I caught the door, took the oven to the store, and was told to ‘Go buy a new Oven’.
My daughter, who was with me, said loudly, ‘We’ll go buy it in Another Store, Not Here. I’m Never buying anything Here Again.’
The serviceman, who was just doing his job, replied, ‘Happy Holidays to you too.’
I’m afraid I started to laugh hysterically.
My step mother sent me a check for Christmas, I used it as my oven money; Thank you Anne!
(We did, however, go to another store).

I forgot to get the flu jab and I think I have the flu. Not a very virulent flu, but enough to keep me stuffing myself with aspirin. For some reason, fevers give me lots of energy, and I’ve cleaned the house from top to bottom. To kill all the germs, I’ve used Chlorox. My husband says it smells like a hospitol here. It’s CLEAN.

We’re having an ice storm today. It’s a tiny storm. Just a drizzle of freezing rain falling on frozen ground, covering everything with a layer of ice. I put salt on our front steps, because my Washing Machine (brand new!) Is BROKEN and the repair man Should come. Probably won’t because of the ice. Laundry is piling up like nuclear waste. Pretty soon I expect to see it start to shuffle down the stairs. Especially the boys’ socks.

So that’s life in France today. Crappy machines that break, the flu going around, and hubby is outside in the ice storm trimming the bushes back. (My husband decided today was the day to trim the trees – and once he decides something…) So there are huge piles of branches all over the garden. I’m hoping he’ll make a big bonfire – I love it when it’s cold and there is a huge bonfire outside.
The tractor just drove by, they’re salting the roads.
We’re supposed to get freezing weather for the next week or so.
My daughter is at the mall with friends shopping the sales with her Christmas money.
I’m off to make more coffee!
If the coffee machine still works.