Well, I’ve been interviewed by Total e-bound books – I’m author of the month (or half the month).
Here is the link * if you want to see me as a spotlight.

*Update – the link just goes to Totally Bound books, which is still nice, if you’re looking for a hot book to buy!

My hair is not as blond anymore. when that picture was taken, my hairdresser had just talked me into streaking…my hair.

More news…(and why I’ve been AWOL for so long.)
I have been working like mad on a new project.
It’s The Perfect Polo Pony
Well, Christmas is coming and what do you get for the person who has Everything? You can order prints directly through me – just drop me an email and tell me what you’d like. Also, for the polo player in your life, there is the Polo Technique book by Stephane Macaire and Dominique Pan, available through La Vauzelle in France, or at Amazon.fr . It’s 62€ plus shipping and handling.