I got my back stuck somehow. Thank goodness there is a chiropractor in the village and he rushed right over this morning. Remind me to send him good karma or whatever. He was terrific. He said I’d slightly twisted a vertebre and part of the problem was because I’d eaten too much chocolate lately, and my liver wasn’t happy. I take that with a grain of salt. For the French, everything is the liver. You get a stomach bug, its a liver crisis. Your back hurst, it’s your liver acting up. (Or they also say your kidneys hurt). You feel out of sorts – it’s your liver. So he rubbed the kink out of my back, twisted my head and neck around, moved arms and legs in all directions, and said I should rest, and drink acid-y stuff like lemon juice. So here I am with my hot lemon juice and water (with some honey in it because ACCCK those lemons are sour!) and my back is feeling Much better. I’m still not ready to try out for the Olympic tumbling team, but I’m definitely on the mend.
To celebrate I had a chunk of chocolate.