There is a saying in France : ‘never two without three’.
Anyhow, in September, my washing machine broke down. My dryer broke down. And today, my car broke down. (Again…)
I suppose that it’s true that all the machines were old. Washing machine and dryer, 10 years old. Car, 14. But still, it’s frustrating to see your entire paycheck disappearing into replacement and repair.
The Pollyanna side of me says, “At least you have a job that can help pay! Not everyone has a job. Be thankful for what you have.”
The Whiner in me says, “I really wanted a new living room sofa. And I wanted to replace the chairs in the dining room.”
Pollyanna says, “The sofa is fine. And the chairs are fine.”
The Whiner sulks. “I hate fluffing up that feather sofa every day, and the dining room chairs have holes in the seats.”
Pollyanna says, “There are slip covers on the chairs and you can’t see the holes. The couch is very comfortable when it’s fluffed up.”
The Whiner sticks her tongue out at Pollyanna. Pollyanna looks smug.
Then Pioneer gal pipes up with, “Fluffing up the couch is great exercise. Pollyanna, your arms muscles lack tone. You should fluff more often. And I don’t think we need a dryer. Heck, we can string up a line in the garage and dry them clothes. And why do we need a car? We got legs, don’t we?”
Whiner and Pollyanna glare at Pioneer Gal. But they know she’s here to stay. I already hung a line in the garage, and I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot more walking in the future. And there is the sofa to fluff up. I missed gym this morning, but the sofa will give me a good workout.
(Pollyanna always has the last word.)