I always said I liked McCain better than any of the other Republican candidates, and I was wondering who he’d pick for a running mate.
Obamah’s choice of Biden struck me as curiouisly bland. I love Obamah, and think Biden will be an asset because of experience and savvy – but I was waiting for someone more exciting. McCain took me by surprise by asking Palin to be his running mate. My first reaction was “what a reactionary thing to do!” It looks like he’s trying to get the Hilary supporters into his camp. I don’t think they can be so naive. Palin stands for everything Hilary is against, so a voter to turn from Hilary to Palin would be ridiculous. I admire Palin for being a woman in a man’s world (espeically Alaska) and I admire her decision to keep and raise her son with Down’s syndrome. However, the minus’s far outweigh the plusses. While I admire her choice to bear a handicapped child, I don’t believe that other woman should be forced to have babies they don’t desire. Palin’s anti-abortion stance means she’d like to take the choice she had away from women. She made a choice. A woman should always be free to make that choice. Overturning Wade & Roe is one of Palin’s objectives. That places her right in the nazi section of the government for me. She’s also gun-ho, and in a country where more than 30,000 people a year are killed by guns, that strikes me as being just plain stupid. She wants to drill for oil in Alaska, to reach the measly amount of oil that is lurking beneath fragile parkland. She should be looking toward alternative, renewable sources of energy instead of pandering to the oil industry which has done enough damage to the USA and the world, thank you.
So, no thank you, Mr. McCain. Your choice of a runnig mate is interesting but toxic. I wouldn’t even want to be friends with Ms. Palin. She can shoot her moose and eat it too, I’d rather live in a world where women still have a say over what happens to their bodies, where handguns are outlawed, and where renewable energy takes over oil, coal, and gas.

Oh, and I’m dying to see what happens with the abuse of power case against her. Palin sounds like a powermad harpy in this one.