Argh. My washing machine is broken.

It is 12 years old, and the repair man came today, looked at it, shook his head and told me it was beyond repair. He then gave me a bill for 75$, which I had to pay as the guarantee had run out (probably years ago…) I went to the store and bought a new machine, and the store manager told me to send the repair bill to their consumer service department to get reimbursed, so I did. Sent all the papers off this afternoon, and will wait to get my check for 75$. It will just about cover the insurance I took out on the machine. It will probably take 6 months to process my letter and send the check.

The garbage bin in my garage had the most awful stench, so I dragged it out on the street and hosed it out. Put a ton of probably dreadfully toxic stuff in it to disinfect it, and while hosing, drenched myself. Pretty much ruined a pair of shoes.

The jeans I bought for my daughter’s birthday were too small (we don’t see them growing up, do we?) and the store didn’t have any other ones, nor do they have a reimbursement policy, so my daughter had to pick out another present, and didn’t like anything, and finally (grudgingly) settled on a pink purse.

Since I’ve been back from Spain, the sky has been resolutely gray, as if telling me I’ve had enough sun, and to get back to work and stop mooning over my vacation.