I’m posting this (lifted from the Guardian) in support of police sergeant Bobby Guidry, and may I just say that in my opinion, superintendent Warren Riley is an ass.

“With just 15 minutes of his final shift remaining, police sergeant Bobby Guidry was suspended and placed under investigation for wearing the wrong colour shirt on his last day at work, after 35 years on the force.

The send-off from the New Orleans police department was no joke. For wearing the blue shirt of the force’s old uniform as a tribute to fallen colleagues, instead of the new black, Guidry was stripped of his commission and banned from joining the police reserve in retirement.

“He suffered the consequences of his actions,” said Superintendent Warren Riley, who scrapped the traditional blue shirts soon after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, partly because many uniforms were lost during the storm and he did not want them falling into the hands of criminals.

Yesterday, a backlash was growing against Riley. Angry callers bombarded the police switchboard and Guidry’s enraged colleagues and members of the public swamped the bulletin boards of the Times-Picayune newspaper.
Guidry denied Riley’s claim that wearing the old shirt was an act of insubordination. “Eighteen people died in the line of duty in that powder-blue shirt while I was with the department,” he said. “I went to each of those funerals. I wore that shirt on my last day, out of respect for them.”

Guidry said that he was told the action would be dropped if he wrote a letter of apology to Riley. “What do I apologise for?” he said. Adding to his fury is the fact that Riley has since decided to return to blue shirts at the start of next year.”