(The dirt road that leads along the crest of the hill – photo taken last year in October.)
Well, nothing much is going on here. The weather is awful – gray and rainy. Yesterday there was a spot of sun, and I went out for a bike ride with Auguste.
This is how we do it. I take a long leash.

Auguste gets very excited.

I go get my bike from the laundry room.

Auguste is whining and jumping up and down.

I put the leash on Auguste, who is, by now, trembling with joy.

I say, “Go slowly!”

He gallops out the gate and down the street, while I wobble and try to get my balance on the bike, and the neighbors say “Don’t fall!”

Auguste tears around the corner, I just manage to keep my balance, and then we’re flying down the alley, out to the road, down the street and to the long dirt road that runs along the crest of the hill across from the golf course. There, Auguste really gets into his stride, and he bounds down the road, me pedalling after him.
Here is the trick – to make sure he doesn’t pull on the leash. (so I have to adjust my speed to fit his). He is a smart dog, and usually runs slightly to the side and ahead of the bike. He doesn’t criss-cross in front of it. He will, however, lunge to the side of the road and stop to sniff (or pee) if something smells particularly interesting, so I have to stay alert, ready to brake at any moment.
My daughter usually ties Auguste to her skooter and off they go, Auguste leaping along, my daughter right behind him. They go around the village square, in front of the church, the restaurant, and our house. And right now, that’s all the excitement in our village! But Bastille day is coming up!!