(The Curious One – statue facing the public library in Hamelin, Germany.)

Today is summer solstice, and there is a big fête planned in the village tonight. We’re all quite excited about it – already I’ve had people asking if I was going, and the kids keep running down to the river to watch the men set up the tent, dance floor, and huge bonfire in the field.

It’s a hot and muggy day – we’ve had rain the past week (lots of it) and the ground and vegetation is soaked. The weather has also been cool (if not chilly) up ’til now, and today a heat wave is rolling in, so the sky is that curious gray-white color it gets when evaporating moisture shimmers up and hides the sun. It’s supposed to clear up and get sunny later on, which will be nice. And tomorrow the thunderstorms will boom – brought on the heat and the wet.

My daughter got back from Germany. She had a wonderful time. Her class visted Osnabrück and Hamelin (village famous for the Pied Piper) and Bremmen, (village famous for the Bremmen Town Musicians). She went to the zoo, a science museum, and went riding at a German riding acadamy. In all a great trip. She brought her camera, and her pictures reflect her interests. Most photos are of the zoo – some were of the medievel buildings in Hamelin and Osnabrück, and some were of ponies. But she took pictures of every statue she came across. I didn’t realize how interested she was in sculpture – but she raved about them, explaining them to me as we looked at her photos. I love finding new facets to people. I thought I knew my daughter – but I found out something new.
This statue struck a chord in me as well – it expresses such curiosity, interest and delight in learning – something I hope I’ll never lose!