I really shouldn’t read the news. For one thing, Bush is mentioned constantly, and just the sight of his name is enough to give me hives. And then I stumbled on this gem in the NY Times (I really, really have to stop reading the NY Times – the Guardian is better for my blood pressure…) “Women who get operations to restore their virginity”. (Here). At first I figured, what the hell, they can do what they like. But reading on, I discovered women terrified that they will be beaten, abandoned, or shamed because they lost their hymens. When I read one woman’s claim that to lose one’s virginity was to become dirt, I decided that women were fools, and men were dolts to insist on something so mundane. After all, there’s nothing special about virginity. We’re all born virgins. It’s stupid to prize something so common and so easy to fake. Why not prize intelligence? Common sense? Independence?
I won’t ever, ever, prone virginity to my children. Safe sex, yes, but virginity? Never. Life is too short to obsess about something so ridiculous. Sex is an important part of any marriage, and you wouldn’t buy a car without driving it first, would you? Or buy a house sight unseen? What if you married someone without finding out if you were sexually compatible? Wouldn’t that be awful?
I say to hell with virgins. (Stomping off to find a good erotic romance to read…I know I have one by Summer Devon in my docs. That should cheer me up.)