Hubby is home at last. He’s tired, looks great, but feels exhausted after any effort. I tell him to relax, just sit back, get better. He has three weeks of rehab ahead of him at a beautiful cardiac clinic in the mountains, just across the river from us (about a 45 min drive). We were there on Friday to meet the staff and get his schedule. Now he just has to take things easy.
But typically, he wants to be back to normal NOW, not in three weeks. So he’s frustrated with himself. It must be hard to be a professional athlete and have your own body betray you. Hard for anyone actually.

I just spent an hour mopping and it started to rain. The dogs came inside and tracked mud all over. Ah well – the joys (and tribulations) of country living. My roses are thrilled with the rain!
I’m off to take my daughter to the pony club!