Thank you all for your comments, your e-mail messages, your phone calls and messages. Thank you for being such wonderful friends and cyber friends. I really do appreciate it!

I haven’t had five minutes to myself lately (I got up at 5 am today, so I managed to sneak in an hour at the computer!) Between hospital visits (Hubby is progressing very well and driving the nurses batty – good sign), my 2 new jobs, and my son who came for a whirlwind 4 day visit and who I ended up seeing almost every day. (Also he missed his train, his plane, I had to drive to Paris to drop them off, they had to change their tickets and luckily only have to pay a small penalty!!) As my mother-in-law said, “Travel builds a young person’s character.” It also has given me several new wrinkles and gray hairs…

I can’t say things will slow down any time soon. My daughter’s German correspondant is coming for a week’s visit in ten days, there is a ton of things to do in the garden…and I have to catch up on my writing, my blog, and on my friend’s blogs!
(photo of August napping under my new curtain!)