8 episodes of Dr. House later….
My husband’s operation went very well yesterday. I spoke to a friend of the surgeon’s, and he told me that hubby will be up and on his feet in no time!
So that is a great relief for the family (and for my husband too, I’m sure!)
He has a brand new valve. It’s made from biotechnology, (a calf, if you really want to know) and that means he won’t have to take anticoagulation medicind for the rest of his life. A mechanical valve would last longer, but it had more drawbacks. So, somewhere in the future he’ll need the valva replaced again, but I’m sure that once you do something, it gets easier the next time. I remember my first ceasarian – I was terrified. But for the second one, it was routine. Been there, done that.
Well, I have to do everything I put off yesterday (yesterday I sat in front of the phone and just Waited.) So it’s quick trim the front lawn (postage stamp size) get the house clean, go to the bank and go to work! Have a nice day!