My niece has amazing eyes. She has my brother’s eyes, the lucky girl!

I love Europe, and living in France is wonderful. But I miss my family. (Maybe I get along so well with them and miss them because I rarely see them…LOL. This might be true. )

Anyway, not much to blog about today. I’m off for another job interview this afternoon – I’ve been looking for work, and I already found one job working on a newsletter for a cosmetic research database, and now I’m off to see about sorting mail and writing letters in English for a scientist/researcher in the next village. I have No idea what this job entails, except that it’s in English, requires someone who knows their way around the internet and can work on computers. I’ll try to write more when I find out more. Until then, I’m imagining all sorts of things. A mad scientist. A dark and gloomy mansion. A labyrinth of echoing hallways. Tall trees leaning over the gravel drive. Crows cawing incessently in the yew, a room full of stacks of paper, reams of work to be shelved and sorted, and huge, leather-bound books with strange symbols on them…
OK, let’s put a lid on the imagination and wait ’til we get there.

No mad scientist, just a very charming scientist-slash-researcher!
I got the gravel drive right – and there were lots of trees (but no crows).
Nothing gloomy – very bright and modern office. I showed him my website as I left, and he followed the links to my blog and read about my wild imagination, sent me an e-mail, and (thankfully) has a good sense of humor.