Easter was blustery this year – lots of hail, wind, and rain. There were also some lovely, sunny moments, and when the sun did shine its warmth promised us Spring!
The Easter bunny came (Here in France, the bells bring the eggs!) and we had lots and lots of chocolate. And being the hedonists we are, we had to eat it all up – and so it’s all gone, except for the bottom half of a chocolate bunny.

I got a new job – filling in a database for cosmetic formulas. I’m not sure if it will work out. I’m dyslexic, and so I have to be VERRRRRY careful about what letters I’m typing. Lysate is not Lytase, even if it looks the same to me. But I’m actually having fun with the formulas, the Latin words, the chemicals, the long, long words – and my husband knows most of the words, having worked in the cosmetic business for ten years, so he can double check my work.
The only dark spot is that my computer takes the powerpoint files for a virus, and after I’ve happily filled in seven, it suddenly comes on with a loud warning siren and blocks my file so I can’t work on it anymore – worse, it completely erased the file I had just finished (each file takes over half an hour…) So you can imagine my Chagrin. (Love that word. It just fits here.)
I don’t know if anyone else has that problem – or if I should disable my virus catcher while working on the program – because there is no virus in it – I scanned it and scanned it again – but when I am working on it, the virus catcher goes beserk after a while and closes down Microsoft powerpoint.
If anyone has had that problem or any suggestions, they will be most welcome!