My dishwashing machine broke. It’s old, (well, ten years old isn’t really old, but I have a feeling nothing is built to last anymore…)
I have the smallest kitchen sink and hardly any counter space, so I’m washing the dishes by hand and stacking them in the…dishwasher to dry. So it’s being useful. In a dead way.
So there ARE uses for a dead dishwashing machine.
I bet I can put shelves in it and stock cans of food and maybe pots and pans.
It can hold the houshold cleaning products.
The dog food bag will fit in it. (Clear the closet out a bit)
Not the vacuum cleaner, but thanks anyway.
I can put potatoes and onions in there. For a while. If I leave the door open a crack.
I can hide the Christmas presents and Easter eggs there. (One place the kids will never look…)
A stack of towels will fit.
I can use the racks to hold lots of dishes.
It’s heavy. I can put my flower press underneath it for a while.
I can leave the door open and trip up burglers with it.
I can decorate it for holidays.
Tape kid’s drawings and pictures on it and disguise it as a refrigerator.

Any other ideas?