I, Sam Winston, of sane mind and sound body, do herewith resign from the human race.
I am starting my own species, and it’s open to anyone who would like to join.
My race has:
No color
No race
No religion
No offical language or nationality
There are only a few criteria – although I don’t want a list of rules.
But to be in this new race, you have to accept that violence is unacceptable and that problems have to be solved by diplomacy. You also have to accept that everyone is born equal, even the so called ‘handicapped’. There are no handicapped in my new race.
I haven’t decided what to call my new species yet, because I just resigned from the human race, and I haven’t really gotten around to defining what I have become.
Suffice to say, it’s not human. Humans have made the floozy who slept with the ex. gov. of NY the top search on Yahoo. When I saw that, I decided that humans and I have very different priorities.
I think it’s really a question of getting priorities straight.