Well isn’t this funny. I dug this out of my archives – looky here. I was writing about the Clinton -Obama elections, and it’s déja-vu. I have pinned my hopes and hoisted my flag over Bernie Sanders – I don’t like Hillary. There, I said it. I like Trump less, so she’s the lesser weevil, as the joke goes. But I’d rather vote for Bernie, and I’d rather see a country run by his ideals; especially after reading a few articles such as the top 25 hedge fund managers made as much as 13 billion last year? 13 billion. They made enough to pay the entire USA’s school teachers’ salaries. It reminds me of the children’s book I used to read the boys – how much is a million – a billion and a trillion. It’s mind boggling. You could spend a million dollars a day for three years. For Three Years. A million dollars a day. Put it in the bank.  Assume an interest rate of 0.8 percent APY. Then after 1 year, you get 8,000,000 in interest. Anyhow, in my way of thinking, there should be caps on what people should be able to amass. And yes, this is my “Better Red than live in the Feudal system we’re heading towards me”. 

Back to 2008…

I wasn’t going to write about the elections, I was going to write about my drunken landlord popping by unannounced and falling down my stairs.

I’ve been following all that’s happening with interest, of course, but in a typical ‘Sam’ fashion, since I’d already decided who I would vote for even Before he announced he was officially running for president, I haven’t been reading all the nonsense about Hilary VS Obama. Until I noticed an article in the Washington Post , and then read the rebuttal over at the Guardian US. (the Guardian link is defunct – sorry) 
In a nutshell, the Washington Post article claims women are not as bright as men in general, and the Guardian makes mention of the fact that any (Democrat) woman who voted for Obama instead of Hilary was not a feminist.
According to some people, if I’m a woman, I’m expected to vote for a woman to show my ‘support’ for women.
Well, sorry. I’m a woman and I will show my support to the candidate I believe can do the better job. I will vote for whomever I want to vote for. That is called being a liberated woman. And I don’t buy the Washington Post’s article about women being less intelligent than men. I find about the same amount of smart and stupid people in both sexes. I think that the woman who wrote the article was just being provocative, but she has placed herself firmly in my ‘stupid’ list.