I thought you might enjoy a peek into the way I write. As you see by the last few posts, the story isn’t all plotted out – after the second post, I really had no idea what the shrink’s secret would be. Details are not planned out – they appear as the characters develop. These excerpts were from the sequel to a thriller I wrote called ‘The Raptor’, which introduces Rachel as the psychic detective. The sequel, which has the working title ‘Jesus Wept’ is not all plotted and outlined. Instead, I’m working from a synopsis, which is what I usually do.

Here is the synopsis:

They are the homeless, the dead-beats, the ones nobody wants or cares for – except Jesus. Jesus is a pimp. He’s got twelve girls under his wing. He makes sure they have decent clothes, good food, and a nice room. He’s attached to his motley group of drug addicts, runaways, and teenage prostitutes. But someone is not as fond of Jesus’ whores, and they’re being executed, one after another. At his wit’s end, Jesus turns to the only person he thinks can help him. Special agent Chris Winter. Because Chris found Severina when she went missing. Maybe Chris can find out who killed her. Chris, running into a dead end at every turn, asks Rachel to help him. Rachel, who’s dreams can often show her what happened, agrees. But nothing has prepared her for the kind of hell she’s about to witness.

Out of this synopsis, comes the story.
Do I know exactly what will happen? No, I don’t. I know ‘who dunnit’, the ‘bad guy’ is already a character, and his reasons and actions are already understood. Having a son who is studying pathological psychology is a big plus sometimes – he’s my sounding board, telling me what works and what won’t work.
I know the characters, but I don’t know what will happen to them as they try to find out who is killing these young girls. I can only imagine…
I guess that’s what I’m best at doing.