Kate R. has pimped me over at her blog.
Thank you Kate!
I am officially a Thursday Thirteen.
And I’m still promoting my Zombie Jack book, so if you haven’t read it, trot over to Loose Id and grab a copy!

Some clarification:
A reader has expressed doubt about my eating habits. I honestly think I was one of the most difficult children to feed (if you ran out of peanut butter) in the state of NY. Just ask my mother how long I had to sit at the table, staring at cold green beans. (I cannot, to this day, enjoy eating green beans, hot or cold.) I became a master at hiding food in my napkin. When I saw the Mr. Bean sketch of Mr. Bean and the steak tartare, I instantly recognized myself.

Kate says my house is elegant. It is not at all elegant. The garden is interesting, the village is spectacular, but the house is old, drafty, and, well, run down. It’s a nice little house, and I love it, but it has one bathroom, only three closets, and the outbuildings are bigger than the house itself. It also only has two bedrooms; we’ve squeezed our daughter into what would qualify as a walk-in closet in most houses.
She doesn’t mind. I let her paper the walls with posters of horses.