Today is Three Kings Day. In France, it’s traditional to buy (or bake) a ‘galette des rois’, which is a puff pastry tart with a fragipane (almond cream) and a ‘fève’ inside. The féve is a small ceramic figurine placed in the tart, and whoever gets the part with the fève inside, is the king (or queen).

So today my neighbor Patricia invited my daughter and I to her house for the galette. We were 7, so cutting the tart was tricky. You have to give out all the pieces, because you don’t want the fève to be left in the last piece! The youngest child hides under the table and says who each piece is for as it’s cut.
And you can’t peek to see if you have the fève, it brings bad luck.
Once you find the fève, you choose someone to be your king or queen, and give them a gold crown (cardboard – very silly looking) to wear. You also get to keep the fève. Today Patricia got the fève, so she gave the crown to her husband to wear.
Afterwards we sat around talking politics (the French Love talking politics) and I tried to explain the primaries and why Obama wasn’t president yet. Explaining politics is hard. Explaining the US voting system is nearly impossible.
Side note: In France, Huckabee is pronounced ‘Yuck-abee’ and Obama ‘Ho-bama’.