It’s the New Year, and we’re all full of resolutions.
As usual, mine will start with ‘eat less sugar and chocolate’. This is usually because I’ve OD’d on sugar and chocolate over the holidays.
Carrot sticks next year, not chocolate and candy!
Stop smoking. (I don’t smoke, but it’s a darn good resolution to have.) In France, there is No more smoking at all in public places. No more smoke-filled nightclubs, bars, or cafés. It will be odd stepping into the local café to fill out my Lotto ticket, and not find myself in a cloud of smoke.
More exercise! I have the gym schedule next to my computer. No more excuses. Off to the gym! Off with the flab!
Finish the 4 books I started in 2007 and start the series I’ve been dying to work on.
Work with Calderwood Books getting our titles into Fictionwise and in POD.
Get rid of my tendinitis. (I’ve been resting my elbow and it feels much better! The house, however, is rawther dusty, and my work is Way, Way falling behind.)
Perfect my golf. (One of my favorite resolutions, after ‘Get More Sleep’, and ‘Relax with a Book more Often’.)
Find more ways to protect the planet.
Take down my Christmas tree.

Happy New Year! May it be filled with Peace and Prosperity for all!