I have this story in my head, but I can’t let it out until I finish the two projects I’m already working on. A legacy from my childhood – I was taught to finish what I started, be it homework, a drawing, or a fight.

We had a lazy Christmas, but we were all so tired it felt good to spend the day not doing anything at all. My daughter was recuperating from the flu, my son is getting ready for his mid term exams, (in France they are called ‘partials’, and they count for half of the student’s final grades) and my husband was glad to just sit back and relax. I bought an already made couscous for Christmas dinner, and we had that and oranges. (And ice cream for dessert!)

Today son is studying, daughter is going to the pony club, and I will be working on my writing projects so I can finally get to that story that has been inside my head!