Kate R. is not the only one holding contests.
There is one over on the incomparable Bernita’s blog as well – and the prize is a paperback copy of “Weirdly: A Collection of Strange Tales”. So sharpen your pens and write a story in less than 250 words. Get your inspiration from a hauntingly lovely picture.
Here is my entry – read it, then go to Bernita’s blog and see if you imagined the picture!

The Lightning Rod

They say there is a place where lightning doesn’t strike twice – but three times, four time, over and over.They say the trees can’t grow there. When one gets too tall, it’s struck down.They say there’s a place where the air vibrates with electrons, calling the bolts of lightning down flicker-quick and hot fingered, singing the trees that dare raise their heads too high so they grow sideways to defeat the electric enemy.

There are places like that where I have lived. Don’t raise your head too high. Don’t act too proud. Don’t show off. Don’t show at all. Hide your body and your mind. Hide behind mediocraty. Because if you don’t, then someone will be quick to knock you down – make sure you realize that you better toe the line, stay in line, keep your head down. And if, by some quirk of talent or fate you stand out, you’re the lightning rod.