Thursday Thanksgiving Thirteen

I am thankful for:

1: My friends and family.

2: To live in such a nice village, so near a golf course.

3: My readers.

4: My gym class

5: My English students

6: My dogs, for being such great doggies.

7: My husband counts as family, but I’m putting and extra thanks in here for him!

8: My health

9: My Thrift Shop wardrobe. My daughter and I were laughing about it last night. We love buying bags of clothes at the thrift. She says it’s the only place she feels good about buying lots of stuff.

10: The internet, and all my internet friends.

11: My ancient laptop is still working!

12: My even older car is still working!

13: Calderwood Books

I wish everyone a Wonderful Thanksgiving – no matter where you are. A day of thanks is a nice way (for us Pollyanna types) to count our blessings!