While the world goes to hell in a handbasket (where did that expression come from?) with war looming, the price of oil sky-rocketing, the markets collapsing, extremists from all religions suddenly getting shriller and louder, and global warming causing storms and flooding…
Global warming is causing sunny days here, so I went off to play golf.
November 5th, and I played 18 holes with just a cotton turtleneck and a light sleeveless sweater. (Oh, and jeans, yes, and shoes and socks, if you really want to know.)
And the sun shined. The trees were gold, scarlet, peach colored, and the grass was green and soft, and the ground was dry (we’ve had a drought, and it’s far too hot, but who’s complaining? The golf was terrific.)
My elbow is not hurting thanks to the wonders of modern medicine – but after next week’s golf tournament (the last of the year for me) I’m putting it in a sling and stopping the pills. The wonder pills, as I call them now, are so amazing that ALL aches and pains vanish, but it’s a fake relief, becuase as the medicine wears off, the aches and pains return threefold to remind you (me) that you (I) are (am) a simply feeble human & the best medicine is complete rest.
Today was a gorgeous fall day. I made wild duck for dinner. The leaves on the wild cherry trees look like orange silk.

The world is going to hell in a handbasket (I really have to stop reading the news.) Or at least only read the weather report…it’s sunny and warm, and will be sunny and warm all winter, as far as I can see.

Global warming is great for my golf game, so I’ll keep playing. Besides, our house is heated with natural gas. The price of bread has gone up, the price of eggs, milk, and butter has jumped, and let’s not even talk about the cost of filling my gas tank – Oh, what the hell, it’s 50$.
But at least we have socialized medicine, and my daughter’s braces are not costing me a cent, my elbow is treated for less than five bucks, and the flu shot will set me back another five. So that way, I won’t get sick and I’ll be able to play golf (probably at Christmas wearing just a teeshirt and shorts…)
As long as the price of a golf game doesn’t go through the roof – I’m happy.