Yes, it’s Vacation! The kids are home from school, and it’s gray and rainy out.

College boy #1 is on vacation, but he’s a fireman, so he’s spending most of his time at the firehouse. In France, the volontary firemen are paid for taking 12 hour shifts, so my son, in order to pay for his miniscule studio in Paris, comes home on weekends to stay at the firehouse. Now that it’s vacation, he’ll probably be there a lot.

College boy #2 is in the states – in SUNY Potsdam – and I suppose he’s getting ready to take his mid-term exams. Vacation will be at Thanksgiving for him.

Daughter in middle school is thrilled that it’s vacation, and has already lined up a job at the pony club sorting out a new pony. She will be paid in hours riding, and believe me, she’s more than happy! The new pony is a Dartmoor, very cute, but tends to run away with the younger riders.
Right now she’s watching an animated film by Hayao Miyazaki (our favorite film-maker). If you don’t know his work, or the studio Ghibli films, you’re missing out on something wonderful.

I have lots of tutoring jobs lined up. First report cards have arrived, and parents don’t want their kids to get left behind, so English, French, and math tutors usually get lots of work during vacation. 🙂 I’m not complaining – I want to buy new chairs for my dining room!
I’m starting a new project – one my cousin Tony suggested (and even outlined for me!) It’s going to take a LOT of work, but it’s quite fun. I may need help though. We’ll see.

My stupid elbow (can elbows be stupid?) still hurts, and I stopped the medicine, (or wedicin, as my daughter used to say when she was little) because I didn’t tolerate it very well. It gave me an upset stomach – ugh!

That’s the news for now. It’s pretty quiet here. Fall is just starting, and the leaves haven’t really turned color yet. I’m waiting until they do to go out for a hike and take photos. I’ll post some when I do!