Tendonitis sucks.
I have it in my right elbow. And I was doing so well in golf, lol.
Well, a few weeks rest and it should be fine. (And pills and an elbow sleeve…)
What does that have to do with plagiarism? (Well – it sucks…)
When I was at my doctor’s office, he said, “You write, don’t you?”
I said I did; He said, “I have another patient who is a writer – Regine Desforges.”
I may have to change doctors.
You have no idea how livid I was when I read one of that woman’s books. She copied the first 70 pages of Gone with the Wind nearly workd for word, substituting her own characters’ names and transposing the action to WWII. The estate for Margaret Mitchell sued – and lost the case. Now, how in the HELL could they lose that case? Well, after the first 70 pages the book takes a slightly different turn and becomes a sprawling, uncorodinated saga about as interesting as watching slime grow. So the argument went that although Ms. Desforges did use Gone with the Wind as her inspiration – the fact that she changed the story after the first 70 pages made her Not a plagiarist.
I can just see someone writing a story about a young boy who lives under the stairs in a closet, who finds out his parents were killed by he who shall not be named, and who turns out to be a wizard and goes off to a special school – Oh, but then the story changes so that the young boy and his two friends (a red haired boy and a girl with brains) do something different than Harry Potter (Well, who did you think I was talking about?) Only he’s called Jeffrey Nobbs and he lives in some Other magic world and…
I think if that happened Ms. Rowlings lawyers would have that author strung up by his typewriter ribbon.
Unfortunately (or fortunately) Ms. Mitchell wasn’t around to go balistic and have Ms. Desforges
drawn and quartered by her literary lawyers.
But I honestly can’t stand the woman.
She lives nearby me. (Well, a few villages away)
The movie they made out of her book was a flop. (OK, that makes me happy, I’ll admit.)
But she is what I consider a plagiarist, and I think I’m going to have to change doctors.
As it is, I simply looked blank when he mentioned her name.
“Never heard of her,” I said. Huh. Don’t I wish.