Yesterday, live on French radio, Fadela Amara, a minister in Sarkozy’s new government, called the DNA tests (to verify that a family of immigrants demanding French citizenship are all one family) ‘disgusting’. It’s a strong word, not normally used in ‘polite’ circles. And of course it’s started a ‘polemique’ here in France about what a minister should say, how to say it, and why it’s disgusting (or why it’s not…)
I looked up the project of the law and checked it against the other European countries that have adopted it. So far, only Britan can make immigrants to take the test. It’s voluntary for all the other countries. However, in France, it will be obligatory for a trial period of about 18 months.
The cost will be picked up by the government. (About 500 euroes per test. It varies between 300 and 1500 – don’t ask me why.)
My reaction is that it’s discgusting too.
The other countries (Germany, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway) will test either parent (Finland tests both, I read) and I prefer seeing the mother tested than the father. Think of the poor woman who was raped, for example, and can’t admit it to her family. At least the DNA tested on the mother will prove it’s her child and take the burden of proof of fatherhood away.
However, I think the French test will require both parents to take the DNA test.

Now, I’m an immigrant. I come from a family of immigrants. (Like most Americans.)
I think immigration is a big plus for a country. I think that all countries should have open borders, (and that the everyone in the World Bank should be lined up along a cement wall and shot).
Let’s play pretend…
That the minimum daily wages around the planet were fixed at the same amount.
That the rich countries ceased to exploit the poorer nations.
That the sale of arms from one country to another be totally illegal.
That education was free.
That healthcare was free.
That alternate energy sources such as wind, solar, and ocean power were used to their utmost.
And while we’re dreaming…

So I asked my husband what he thought, and he said I was crazy.
But in my next life, I want to live in a world where the borders are all open, and people aren’t afraid of each other.