I was lucky and received two books last week.
One was ‘Coven of One’, a witch story by Kate Bousfield.
The other was ‘The Lottery’ by Patricia Wood.
Both books were wonderful.

I started reading ‘Coven of One’ in bed, and didn’t get to sleep until the wee hours. It was a fun romp set in a world where witches were sort of like doctors, and were sent to different towns to ply their craft. In this world, the south had gone very religious and the poeple there persecuted the witches, so it was a shock when one of the best and brightest students was sent there.
The heroine, Dorcas, is a no-nonsense, easy to like character. She’s not flighty, she’s got loads of common sense, and that’s a plus for me in the heroine department. She is up against huge evil, and yet she handles it with aplomb. The book could have done with a small bit of editing, but other than that, I enjoyed it – and like I said, I couldn’t put it down. I learned a bit about witchraft. I’ll be passing this book on, so anyone who wants it can write to me and I’ll send it to them by post.

The Lottery was a wonderful book. I started reading it on the train, and was cross when my station came up. Then I kept thinking about it, and was in a hurry to get back to it. So I read it last night until my eyes were too tired to see straight, and then I finished it this morning while I had my coffee. (A great start to my day!)
I loved this book. The story is about a man with learning disabilities. He’s not retarded, but he’s slow. Sort of like Forest Gump. I LOVED Forest Gump, so this book was a pleasure for me to read. I laughed, cried, and thought the ending was perfect. I won’t spoil it, but if you haven’t read this book, you should definitely plan to. It’s a gorgeous story – and makes you feel lucky.
(I know I’m lucky, lol!)