Thursday Thirteen

Since I’m being Pollyanna today, I thought I’d count my blessing.
Here are Thirteen Nice things that happened to me this week.

1) We opened Calderwood Books! Hurrah!

2) My high school chums from St. Thomas, Lucy and Harrie, contacted me, and we have been reminiscing.

3) I got a terrific cake recipe, made it, and everyone loved it. I think it was the raisins soaked in the rum that did it.

4) My son Alex got a meal program at college. Yes, I know, it’s a trifle, but now I don’t worry about my dakhla dakhla not getting enough to eat.

5) My husband shot a wild boar and brought the meat home. Wild boar is delicious, and tonight I’m making a roasted leg of wild boar with a really nice fig and wine sauce, served with sweet potatoes and green beans.

6) I got news that ‘Les Grands Ecoles’ de Paris are holding an art auction, and they want my drawings and paintings. I got to work listing what I had, and decided to make a website to showcase my equestrian art.

7) I finished the website. Well, almost done. I still have to scan some more drawings and load them in.

8) I have been playing lots of golf, and I’m taking some lessons to help get back into the ‘swing’.

9) My friend Pat (Orion) is sending me an autographed copy of The Lottery!!!!!!!!!

10) I got news today that Daisy is in the October issue of Carmel Magazine for her Cook book, ‘Cooking With Friends’. It’s a Great cookbook, and I’m not just saying that because I have a recipe in it, lol.

11) The weather man has been predicting rain since Sunday – and it’s been sunny and crisp every day.

12) I’ve been taking advantage of the nice weather and have been playing a lot of golf. I love golf!

13) I went to the gym twice this week, and I’m not sore! Either I’m getting in shape, or our teacher is slacking off.