Is that an expression? I can’t decide if it is or not.

This chap is changing horses in mid match. Most players do that now in order not to tire their mounts. The horses, when they get tired, lose their brakes. It’s no fun to play polo on a horse that won’t stop. (See traffic jam below.) So fresh horses are a must. Sort of like ideas. Fresh ideas are more interesting than stale, old ideas. I have to admit, I’m a nick-picky reader. If the plot is stale and old, if the characters are recycled, then I’ll more than likely skip pages and even change books altogether.

It’s the same, alas, with writing a book. Changing books in midstream is not unheard of. Sometimes the book just doesn’t take off. Like a tired polo pony, it loses it’s ability to sparkle. Then, the only thing to do it change books and hope the sparkle returns. This pony rested and was played again in the last chukker – so sometimes putting a ‘WIP’ away until it gets fresh again is the best thing to do.

No use flogging a dead horse. πŸ™‚