I just read in the newspaper that Spanish national TV won’t be showing bull fighting during the daytime anymore because they don’t want children subjected to violence.
I can only agree the idea that bull fighting is a cruel and violent sport. But to say that taking it off TV will ensure children don’t see violence astounds me. There is enough violence in cartoons to make me shudder. Bullfighting is nothing compared to a Mel Gibson movie.
While in Spain we saw several bull fights on TV. In one, the bull was pardoned – in other words, he was saved by the matador because the matador thought he fought so well he should live. So the bull was taken away, washed off, and taken back to his farm where he will become a breeding bull. Lucky for him. Most of the others end up as steaks. Bull fighting has existed as a sport since ancient times. In Crete the boys did gymnastics on their backs, in Greece they fought each other, in the Middle Ages they were pitted against dogs and bears. In Roman times gladiators fought them. Bulls are a symbol of strength. And the matador doesn’t always win.

Toréador, en garde!Toréador! Toréador!

Et songe bien, oui, songe en combattant qu’un oeil noir te regarde
et que l’amour t’attend,
Toréador, l’amour, l’amour t’attend!

(Carmen, Act II)