I have discovered something terrific with Adobe Reader! They have a wonderful full screen option. But it’s hard to find. When you open the pdf file, look at the very bottom left hand corner. (Yes – LEFT – I made sure, lol.) Bottom. Small icon, looks like a TV screen. When you hover over it, it says ‘Full Screen View’. Click on it, and the result is a GREAT page for reading e-books, similar to the microsoft reader page.
I’m amazed. I never noticed that before. That’ll teach me to read directions.

I am packed. My suitcase, though small and complete with wheels, weighs a ton because of all the French soaps I’m bringing back with me. French soaps are really nice. But they’re heavy.

My daughter’s suitcase (a school bookbag with wheels) is packed too. She is bringing her stuffed bunny with her. The bunny has been travelling back and forth with her since she was six. My son Sebi has a small stuffed seal called Lightning. He still has it, (he’s 21 and he got the seal when he was 3). He’s carried the seal back and forth from France to the US, to Argentina, and England. Lightning was once forgotten in the stables, and a big white horse named Ajax ‘took care of him’. (My son had left him in the horse’s stall during a game of hide and seek when the grooms had taken all the horses out to exercise.) Sebi was always attached to his stuffed animals. He had a stuffed rabbit named ‘Apple’ and a sort of yellow monkey named ‘Saucisson’. Apple, Lightning, and Saucisson went everywhere with us for years and years. And my son still has, like I said, Lightning the small seal. (And like the old rocking horse in the Velveteen Rabbit, his eyes are gone, his nose has been rubbed off, and his fur has gone bald in spots – but he’s still perched next to my son’s bed.)
My daughter’s bunny ‘Jumper’ is rag-worn, shapeless, and his ears have been sewn back on twice. But she loves him. She loves him better than the plush, new stuffed animals she got for Christmas or her birthday last year. Like Sebi, who pushed away a brand new rabbit with howls of “I want my Old Bunny Back!” when Apple was lost, my daughter prefers her careworn creature.
She looks at Jumper through eyes of love.