I’m finally packing for NY. Well, actually, I already finished. I pack in about three minutes. Then I leave the suitcase at the foot of the stairs and add things to it as I remember them. My daughter still hasn’t packed, but she’s said to me at least a hundred times, ‘I wish I was in NY already!’. She’s tired of school. In France, we have the longest school day of all European countries, and yet we’re not the top performer – Finland is with the shortest day of all European schools, but they have a higher teachers per student ratio, and they offer lots of after school tutoring. My daughter loved the Finnish school system (she went there on a class trip). I wish they would shorten the school day here, but although our new president has said he wants to reform the education system, there haven’t been any concrete propositions.
I haven’t been blogging much – sorry. Busy with the garden (summer means lots of work outside – I love it!) And my son is on vacation from the university, so that means he’s often on the computer during the day. I’ve been busy with Calderwood Books (and again, loving it. I enjoy reading the query letters and delving into the slush pile. I’m still excited about finding new books. I am waiting for one author to send in his contract, but he’s hesitating because he’s not sure he really wants to publish an e-book (he’s holding out for a bigger publisher). In one way I’m disappointed. I fished his book out of the slush pile and loved it. But I understand an author’s reticence. E-books don’t have the best reputation of making tons of money for an author. And as much as I try to say that regular books don’t do much better, it’s true that even a small advance is often more than an e-book ever earns out over its lifetime.
I keep hoping that there will come an inexpensive and perfomant e-book reader. I think that books DO pollute. The industry is terribly wasteful. (But most industies are, come to think of it.) E-books are a good economic and ecological choice, but it’s hard reading on a computer, even a laptop, and not many people have e-book readers yet.
I keep hoping…
And hoping.
A good, cheap e-book reader.
No bells and whistles.
Just a paperback size.
Thin, with good lighting.
Able to read several file formats.
Rechargeable battery with a long charge.
And then e-books will finally catch on. Imagine, you can carry a whole library in your pocket!
OK – time for lunch.