Good news! My son passed his exams and he’s admitted to the second year in his university. In France the universities are free, which means there are a lot of students in the first year. You have to pass tough exams to go on to the second year, and only 30% are admitted directly, so we’re proud of him!

You know how it is. The calendar starts filling up, the days becoming crammed with appointments and ‘things to do’. I’m leaving for the US on the 22nd, and suddenly there is a ton of stuff I have to take care of before I go. And then my husband got his job in Spain, so we’ll be there for the whole month of August, and that means more frantic organising as I realize I’ll probably be without internet for that whole time. (*gasp!*)

I threw a birthday party for my husband Wednesday and we had a great time. A golf tournament followed by dinner. The weather was wonderful, and we all had a great time.
My car, however, is falling apart bit by bit. It doesn’t start well, the window is broken (it fell over when I lowered it the other day, and I had to prop it back up and close it to keep it from falling out again. Now I have to be careful not to open it. It’s aslo making strange noises. I’m glad my husband got the job in Spain – it’s paid well and hopefully we’ll be able to get another car when we get back in September. Argh. As my son once said, ‘Why does everything have to cost so much?’ He was four at the time and was trying to buy an expensive stuffed hedgehog with only fifty pence – but I know exactly what he was feeling.