I had a lovely day. I spent it with good friends, in the sunshine, with lots of wine and song…Well, not any songs, actually, the group was not very musical, but it was a lot of fun.

When I got home, I found my son had made a batch of chocolate chip cookies!!!
(Happy Mother’s Day?)
I ate two.
Yesterday there was a small tournament nearby. There were knights in shining armor, flags, a tavern (a tent, but it was quaint.) And there were people in costume but I didn’t get a photo because my batteries wore out. Argh. I wanted a picture of the little boy in the musketeer outfit, complete with plumed hat and cape! It was very hot, so we didn’t stay long. But isn’t the barn fascinating?
Ye olde barn with ye strangely shaped round roof. (Probably an old pigeon coop)
Ye Olde Taverne (Perrier & Mead)

Applauding the winners